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Passport Security Requires Adequate Verification

Security is a growing issue in international travel for both travelers and governments. Some countries however, are beginning to require passport verification to help improve the security efforts for travel abroad. It's an important issue with the potential for criminals and terrorists to travel between countries with fake or forged documentation. The more effort that countries, universities and other organizations put into verifying the identity of foreign nationals, the better the chance of keeping criminals and terrorists from entering a country and causing problems. As technology improves, it is becoming easier to verify the citizenship documentation of individuals.

Very often, one of the main reasons that people travel between countries is for educational purposes. Some universities require passport verification for immigrant student before they are allowed to enroll and attend. This is done to help ensure the safety of fellow, students, staff and university visitors. There is risk involved in allowing illegal immigrants to attend colleges and university since there would be no way to definitively determine their true identities. Without verification, it would be easy for international criminals or terrorists to infiltrate the educational system. In the past, terrorists have used information learned in colleges, aviation schools, etc. in order to carry out terrorist attacks. Focus was placed on this especially after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Passport Verification - Security Safeguards

Passport verification is especially important in airports and other points of entry into a country. Due to events that have happened in the past, such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, airports have to take extra care in determining whether persons onboard aircraft are exactly who they say they are. There have been many instances where airplanes have been diverted when it was discovered that a potential terrorist was allowed onboard after further examination and verification of travel documents. Passport verification in only one of the many safety measures that countries are taking to assure the safety of travelers.

Thanks to better technology, passport verification is becoming a lot more efficient and reliable. New safeguards are being enacted across the world as countries do their best to deal with the issues of forgery and identity theft by criminals and terrorist organizations. Passports with embedded microchips that have a person's digitalized photo and personal information, e-passports and special passport designs are being implemented or considered in many countries in order to improve safety for citizens and tourists.

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