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Passport Securtiy Gains Better Designs

The world is in a constant, volatile state. Because of this, many governments are taking the extra step to change their passport designs in order to deter forgery. Thanks largely in part to technology, a growing number of criminal organizations and individuals have been able to easily duplicate everything from money to legal documentation of citizenship like birth certificates, passports and visas. Because of the world's political climate, this can prove dangerous and even deadly for citizens of the countries where these false documents are being used. Governments cannot afford to take chances with false identification for safety's sake, so they are constantly looking for new ways to deter forgeries.

In order to help prevent duplication or forgery, countries are constantly looking at special security methods to help citizens and government agents. One of the simplest ways to help deter forgery in travel documents is to use intricate passport designs that isn't easily copied. There are usually security features that are woven into these designs to help prevent forgery or duplication. Some passports may have special ink, while others are moving away from the old standards of pasted on photographs and typed up information. Like many state ID cards and driver's licenses, images and information are being digitally transferred onto some passport cards.

Passport Designs Go High Tech

Passport designs may incorporate more than just standard information. Some countries are opting for the use of embedded microchips in travel and citizenry documentation. These special chips hold a person's personal, biological data as well as digital photograph that can be seen by officials when scanned. There are those that view this as a potential risk to personal privacy. They worry that the data might somehow be read by criminals or terrorists, thereby putting not only the passport owner in danger, but also others. Governments are working to make sure that the information is secure.

Countries instituting the concept of e-passports with unique passport designs plan on using technology to their advantage. These microchip designed passports allow them to get through the process of issuing passports more quickly, while making things easier for travelers, too. These e-passports will provide officials with all of the pertinent information about the travelers using them, just like the standard passports. It would be very difficult for criminals to mimic both the digital data, microchip and standard photo aspects of a passport. Government are hoping that this will keep forgeries to a minimum.

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