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Passport Applications May Require Status Inquiry

Your trip is fast approaching and you have yet to receive your passport from the passport agency. Making a passport inquiry can help you to find out why you havent received it yet. There are many possibilities why a passport application hasn't been processed or why a passport hasn't been received. While you should expect to receive you passport within the standard process time, the passport agency is very busy and it’s entirely possible to have your forms lost in a sea of paperwork. However, most people do receive their passports on time. But there are some things you may want to know to ease your concerns.

Just because you send several passports applications at once doesn't mean that they will all be received at the same time. Before submitting a passport inquiry, realize that each passport application you send will more than likely be processed separately. The Passport Information Center website informs applicants that passports sent together will not necessarily remain together. Forms are processed by many passport agency staff members so it is quite possible that some forms may be processed on different days, change hands several times, etc. It's important that you give yourself enough time to receive your passport.

Passport Inquiry Request Can Be Made Online

A growing number of passport agencies around the world are allowing applicants to make a passport inquiry request online. This can save applicants a lot of time, if not frustration over the waiting and wondering when a passport doesn't arrive when expected. The United States Passport Information Center makes it very simple to check the status of a submitted passport application online. You will need to provide some personal information about yourself and the date you submitted your passport application in order to find out when you can expect to have your application processed. The information is transmitted securely to the Passport Information Center which can then give you a good idea of when you'll be receiving your passport.

If you've sent off you passport application and you haven't gotten it back within six weeks, then you should definitely make a passport inquiry. Those that have submitted expedited passport inquiries should expect to see their passports in about two weeks. If you haven't received your passport by the end of the routine processing time, you can either check online or contact the Passport Information Center to find out more about when you should be receiving you passport or if there have been any problems or errors.

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