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Passports Can Be Expedited For Faster Travel

Maybe you put it off until the last minute or you had an unexpected event occur. Whatever the case, you're in need of expedited passports for international travel. Most people don't know the first thing about passports. They don't know exactly what the process is to get them other than the fact that they need a passport picture. Getting a passport isn't like getting a driver's license or a state ID. It's a little more difficult and takes far more time when using the routine method. The standard turn around time from application to receipt of a passport is about 6 weeks.

Six weeks in a long time to wait when you need to travel as soon as possible. Expedited passports have help thousands of people get to where they need to be without wasting extra time just waiting. The process is somewhat similar to the routine method. It costs a bit more to go for an expedited passport, but it’s well worth it if you need to get underway with very little delay. Using the expedited method you can speed up the process from application to receipt of a passport by about 4 weeks. In other words, you can get it from the government in as little as two weeks.

Expedited Passports Can Be Obtained Through Non-Government Sources

There are other ways to get expedited passports legally and securely from reputable companies. These companies work directly with the government agency responsible for passport issuance. Some can get you a valid passport in as little as 24 hours time. These companies aren't directly affiliated with government agencies, however the do work with them to get passports to their clients at an accelerated rate. The cost of these services is of course, more expensive than government methods of obtaining passports.

Expedited passports can be legally obtained through government and non-government methods, but be forewarned of the possibility of fraud. Make sure that you are dealing with a legal and reputable business before handing out any personal information to anyone. This will help you to avoid identity theft, loss of money and help prevent you from participating in some form of illegal activity. It's possible to obtain both new and renewal passports via the expedited method. For the government, this is usually done through two way overnight shipping. For non-government companies offering passport services, the method, amount of payment and length of turnaround time from application to receipt of passport may vary.

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