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Secure Your Passport with a Jacket

If you know anything at all about the value of a United States passport, you may be considering a passport jacket to help protect the important international document. The United States passport is one of the most valuable and most often stolen international documents in the world because it provides the owner with easy entrance into nearly every country of the world. Passport fraud is a common crime, and one of the ways passport fraud is committed is by substituing photos. Therefore, if your passport is stolen, it could be used by a criminal to hide his or her identity and conceal his or her movements or activities. For your own privacy and security and that of the United States, a United States passport needs to be carefully guarded. A passport jacket can help with this issue, as well as provide other benefits.

Advantages of a Passport Jacket

A passport jacket really is as simple as it sounds. It is basically like a book cover for your passport, covering both the front and back cover of the passport itself. There are many different styles of passport jackets. Some hold the front and back covers of the passport so that when you open the jacket you also open the passport. Others, however, are designed so that the passport slides into some kind of sleeve in a closed position, requiring you to take the passport out of the jacket in order to open it. Most passport jackets cost around $15-25, although the price can be higher depending on what the jacket is made of and how it is designed.

If you are thinking that a passport jacket is just a frivolous and unnecessary expense, you may need to reconsider. Regardless of which country you are a citizen of, your passport has some design on the front cover which clearly identifies the country of the passport. Especially with United States passports, this can mean that you can become a target for theft by doing as little as taking your passport out of a bag to show it to a border official. With a passport jacket, the country seal is concealed. Additionally, a passport jacket can help prevent damaging wear and tear on the passport. Although it is understandable that a passport will become worn as it is carried on different travels, keep in mind that you are only eligible for a renewal of your passport if it can be submitted undamaged.

If you do decide to invest in a passport jacket, they are very easy to find. Many stores that sell luggage or wallets and similar accessories have a good selection, and there are many available on the Internet, as well.

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