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Passport Amendment and Validation

If you have any experience with passports and the application process, you can probably guess that there is a special application for passport validation. Many people in the United States do not currently have a passport because they do not have plans for international travel. However, it is important to have a passport because you never know when an emergency or unexpected situation could arise and you need to leave the country in a hurry. If you do have a passport currently, it is your responsibility, however, to ensure that all the information is accurate, valid and up-to-date so that there are not problems with departure, entry, or re-entry into a country. This is when passport validation becomes an issue.

What to Do for Passport Validation

Passport validation or amendment is not nearly as complex as it may sound. All it really involves is keeping the passport valid so that it is usable. There are many different reasons why you may need passport validation or amendment. If you have had a name change, you will need to change the name that reads on your passport so that it does not cause problems with identity verification while crossing country borders. Additionally, if the descriptive data on your passport is incorrect or needs to be changed, you will need passport validation. Passport validation also applies to adding supplemental visa pages to your passport, extending the validity of limited passports, or (in certain situations) showing endorsement or validity of your U.S. passport.

If your have one of the above situations or needs, you will need to complete application DS-19, which is the application for passport amendment/validation. Along with the application, you will have to submit documentation or evidence of any of the changes you wish to make on your passport. Unlike many other passport applications, there is not an application fee association with the amendment/validation application. Once the application is completed, you will need to send it, the appropriate documentation, and your current U.S. passport to a passport center. You can easily find the application for passport amendment/validation on the United States Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs website. The website not only provides instructions and information about the validation process, but you can also easily download the exact forms that you need. If you have any other questions or concerns about your U.S. passport or international travel, the website has a wealth of other information available, as well.

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